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#WTF Food Truck – Taste of Walla Walla

🍔 Burger Fever | Where There’s Food Eat It or #WTF Food Truck as I like to call it. This food truck is truly a Walla Walla Gem. With a rotating menu of a gourmet chef, there is never a lack of options for our choosing. Typically, it is their social media post of their weekly menu & locations that rope me in by giving little teasers of food photos throughout the week. These are not just any food photos; these leave you thinking about them after you have gone about your day 🤤

Here is what we Tasted Walla Walla: Our go to is the “Smash Burger”—We have had it more than once now and we keep coming back for more. This Double Smash burger is adorned with, pickle, lettuce, & nay sauce sitting on a truck bun. This juicy burger is huge and packs BIG flavor. Have your napkin ready but don’t worry it’s just the right kind of messy so enjoy, we promise! Wait, there is more- We doubled down on the side dishes, the Smoked Potato Salad & the Bacon Beans. The Potato salad served cold with a slap of smoke flavor to the taste buds. Bacon + Beans… need I say more?

If you are looking for a new spot or just some good food 👉🏽 Follow them on social media to see the location and menu. Stay tuned for more of #TasteofWallaWalla, we have some tasty places to take you to!

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Jenna Provost

Originally from Titusville, Florida, Jenna has called Walla Walla home for over a decade. Her love for this town came after her first year experiencing all four seasons. After attending Walla Walla High School and Seattle College, she held various positions in various fields; including healthcare and banking. Jenna spent three years in home lending, guiding home buyers on their financing journey before joining her husband as The Provost Team. Jenna now serves as Public Relations for the Walla Walla Associations of Realtors and is the chair for the association’s social committee. She specializes in first time home buyers and is also very experienced in online marketing. Jenna understands the delicate nuances of selling luxury properties and is well-equipped to handle both buyers and sellers looking to purchase or sell in the Walla Walla area. Jenna resides in Eastgate Walla Walla, with her family and three dogs. Sherman & Doug, pugs and Theodore, a French bulldog. They enjoy boating by summer and riding ATVs in the Blues in the winter months. Jenna serves on multiple committees outside of the Association of Realtors, and often with volunteers to help with anything to do with raising money for BMAC.

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