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Waitsburg Real Estate

Welcome to “One of a Kind” Waitsburg which runs right along the historic Lewis and Clark Trail. Waitsburg is a great place to visit, from our small independent businesses to our friendly people. Enjoy Waitsburg’s accommodations, have a great meal and peruse our local shops. Come sample some of the area’s finest wines and craft beers. Our region is full of recreation opportunities, including cycling, boating, fishing, horseback riding, hiking historic trails, swimming and skiing. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

With a present population of 1,230 people, Waitsburg maintains a comfortable lifestyle in the abundant Pacific Northwest. Four distinct seasons punctuate the natural beauty of the area. Average rainfall here is 17 inches per year and in the wintertime, warm Chinook winds sustain a climate that many describe as “the Banana Belt.” With a strong agricultural industry and a growing season of over 220 days, it is easy to understand why folks past and present decide to call Waitsburg home. Natural resources abound in the area, supporting clean energy initiatives and ample resources to support the community. The watershed from the Blues, which refreshed the early pioneers, provides today’s residents with crystal clear spring water right to their taps.

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